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Festive Corset

Festive corset

hiroNIA was founded in 2004 by Anni Hiro who is known for her exceptional skills as corsetiere, couturiere and tailor. Even though the company and its premises are located far in the Northern Europe, Finland, the company has clients all over the world. Anni has made outfits for private clients of all ages and purposes as well as glamorous stage wear for singers and dancers worldwide. Her goal as designer and manufacturer is to create garments that combine client’s needs, hopes and desires to quality materials not to mention outcome that has been properly fitted to suit client's figure.

Anni has been wearing corsets almost daily for several years so she has lots of experience from corsets not only as maker but also as a user in daily basis. She keeps on developing her work constantly and being a perfectionist she always makes sure that every single piece made in hiroNIA is made with high standards of quality and of course, with love.

Anni Hiro

About me

Anni Hiro is probably only corsetiere living this far North in the world, but it doesn’t stop her from making the hottest corsets in the world, to all kinds of customers, for all kinds of purposes. Anni has been making and wearing corsets for years and this special piece of garment is making her to want learn more and to do her best work every day. Why? Because everyone who chooses hiroNIAs corsets deserves the best.